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Where do I start…


Here’s the shortened version, some of my holistic qualifications:



  • 300hr Arogya Yoga Therapy at Sampoorna Yoga, India

  • 150hrs Mandala methodology with The Yoga People, London & India

  • 100hrs Rocket & Patterns, The Yoga People, India

  • 50hrs Yin, Arhanta Yoga Online

  • 30hrs The Art of Sequencing by Jason Crandell, Glo Yoga

  • 14hrs Mudras with Yoga London

  • Foundations of Ashtanga, Sandra Howling



  • Soft Tissue Therapy (Equivalent to Level 5 Sports Massage), OSSM

  • Advanced Deep Tissue, London School of Massage

  • Swedish Massage, London School of Massage

  • Prenatal Massage, London School of Massage

  • Thai Foot, Gatway Courses London


Energy Work:

  • Intergrative Quantum Medicine, Level 1

  • Reiki Level 2

  • Reiki Level 1

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Tori's story...

The longer version – which for those that know me… I love to chat... (but rubbish about hyping myself up – I mean, who’s actually good at this stuff?!)


So, grab a tea and I might as well start at the beginning…


I’ve always been someone very sensitive to energy and now in my mid-thirties, with all the reading and deep diving I have done into the world of yoga, energy and generally understanding life I now realise that I’ve probably played, understood and felt energy differently to most people. I’m sensitive but passionate, strong-willed and focused but above all of that I’ve got a deep sense of wanting to helping people.


My holistic journey started back in 2014, where I stumbled across a Crystal healing course. Not knowing much about crystals what they do or how we can use them I jumped on board. It was a fascinating experience to be in a room of people talking about the power of what I would class as colourful little stone. Needless to say, the feeling of energy that I got from the room was inspiring and started me on a life long journey of trying to understand energy in and around us just a little bit more.


I’ve always been active, whether that’s hitting the gym doing triathlons, partying all night or simply enjoying a long walk home from work, I LOVE to move and experiencing life.


I had read about “Healing Hands” and so took myself off to Barnes in South West London to the Reiki Academy for a weekend course, Level 1 Reiki. This was an experience to say the least… Being very pragmatic and tangible person, I couldn’t understand why or how this energy could transfer, of if being honest if it was actually real at all… so after the first day I went home to the pub and got drunk with friends, I didn’t think much of it… After not being able to sleep well I woke up and decided to do the second day… I kid you not, the energy transfer with the final treatment saw my horrendous hangover cured and for my treatment partner to show signs of sweating and illness, basically she then had my hangover.! I realised and understood right there that, there is something deeper in this world than just us. I was now hooked on tyring to understanding this unseeable world of energy that is around us and also how we can channel it for ourselves.


In 2015 a new yoga studio opened up at the end of my road in Battersea, London. My dear friend Pocket Rocket invited me to go with her and to be hundred percent honest there wasn’t an instant connection. My thoughts flew between “I could do these stretches at home” and “why is that person breathing so deeply – that’s fricking odd…” But I persevered… I’m the kind of person that wanted to do well at something even if I don’t enjoy it, some might say… It’s not my greatest trait!


Then the Ah-Ha moment happened, I had two teachers at this studio Chloe Faulkner and Becky Farbstein, who really have a passion for yoga, they taught with a sense that there is something else there which I couldn’t quite understand at that point… Which kept me going back for more.


BUT the real Yoga Love affair hit hard when I found Rocket and Mandala with the Rocket Goddess that is Lizaan Joubrt – no words can describe the emotions that come up on the mat when you practice with this lady. She works you hard and deep. You touch places in your soul that honestly are so inspiring that each time you come to your mat in her class you know you are going to feel something, learn something be that physical, emotional or spiritual. She has energy and drive and pure inspiration for the yoga philosophy.


There was nothing else for it… Whilst co-running a pub with my then partner and working as Head of Production for a production company I decided to take what little spare time I had and learn more about yoga… I signed up to a teacher training course with Yoga London. I learned so much in this community centre in Kennington which was hired out at the weekends for our course.  The realisation that yoga is so much more than just moving on the mat, that there are countries and regions of the world that dedicate and honour this practice that it would take many lifetimes to understand and read into these spaces.


So it was there in Kennington that the journey really began…


Since finishing my initial 200hr yoga training I have been lucky enough to obtain the following yoga credentials with different teachers and through different schools which I believe has given me a wide view of what yoga is and how it’s perceived through different eyes, cultures and bodies.

  • 300hr Arogya Yoga Therapy at Sampoorna Yoga, India

  • 150hrs Mandala methodology with The Yoga People, London & India

  • 50hrs Yin

  • 30hrs The Art of Sequencing by Jason Crandell, with Glo Yoga

  • 14hrs Mudras with Yoga London

Yoga is something that is now deeply rooted in my being on all levels and so I know wherever I go my travel mat will be with me and my train of thought will always be along a yogic point of view, which I am hugely grateful for.


Let’s jump ahead a few years…


At the beginning of 2020 I took a sabbatical from my production job in London and flew to Goa, India. It was here I took a second course of Mandala methodology with The Yoga People and was planning to follow it up with a 100hrs Yin… The universe had other plans…

On the last day of our Mandala course, we were notified that the world was starting to shut down due to the Corona Virus and that flights were starting to cancel…


Yes, you guessed it… 30 zen yogi’s a yoga Sharla all of a sudden going crazy with the need to get back to the UK. This is where you learn that yogi’s are just normal humans with normal feelings, we’re not all zen god’s all the time…!


As for me, I’d only just arrived and this virus wasn’t going to stop my curiosity for another country and yoga. As the boarders shut, I travelled to South Goa to a small village called Agona. It was here that I heard about Sampoorna school of Yoga and signed myself on to 300hr Arogya Yoga Therapy course. Over the coming three weeks the numbers in attendance of the course dwindled as people started to fly home on repatriation flights, and between the ultimate heat of the Indian sun, the craziness of the world shutting down, I sat still and deep into my fascination our human bodies and whilst we learned how to use Yoga as a therapy tool to help those will ill health, I realised I needed to know more about the human body before going further.


Once I returned to the UK I started my search for courses which would increase my knowledge of the human body on a physiology level but also compliment my learning of yoga to enhance my ability to teach yoga but also understand the Self better to.


This is where massage came into my life.


I became fascinated with the ability to work with the human body, manipulating muscles which become tense through either the physical, mental or emotional spaces we carry in ourselves. Visibly seeing the difference in someone’s physical being is huge all through the power of touch. I trained in Swedish massage, Advanced deep tissue and Pre-natal with London School of Massage but with all these courses I found that there was a gap in knowledge. I craved to understand more about why the benefits are so profound and why we do certain things at certain times and in certain ways.


In September 2021, I signed myself up to OSSM (Oxford School of Sports Massage), a 9-month Soft Tissue Therapy course which has been the deepest dive into human anatomy I have done to date. It took me away from the spiritual realm of yoga and into the physical being. It’s given me such a profound understanding that whilst we are all so similar in the credentials of the human body, we are worlds away from being the same on a cell-by-cell basis. This is in its self is actually mind blowing when you think about it…


So, this is where I am now…


In a place where I am hugely appreciative of the human body, about what is can do and how best we can optimise it to live better lives. How best we can adapt and alter our energy levels by the way we move, the way we think and the way we live.


It is form this space that I am hugely passionate about helping people and if I can enhance your day, week or living by offering help knowledge, treatment or any form of yoga it’s actually an honour for me to share my passion with you.  


I’m old school, I use a written diary so if you’d like a treatment please do feel free to reach out and request availability.

(I am working on the digital diary - just not quite there yet!)

Tel: +44 773 991 4697

Address: Brackley, NN13

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