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Swedish Massage

Is a beautiful massage technique that works with manipulating the superficial skin layers of the body. It’s a combination of many different techniques that work with the soft tissues to restore balance...

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Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is a lovely soothing massage for those who are through the 1st trimester. This therapeutic treatment will help ease the discomfort of water retention, stress points and growing pains which can be created whilst the body is growing your baby....

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Reiki is a holistic therapy which can help clear, balance and harmonise the energy system in and around our bodies. By tapping into our subtle bodies, we’re able work with natural healing energy that...

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Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue massage is a technique where by the practitioner will use body parts such as forearms, palms of hands & elbows combined with their body weight to create a strong and firm massage...

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Thai Foot

Thai Foot Massage is a beautifully relaxing massage which involves the feet & lower legs (up to the knee), however you can expect to feel a full body glow from the treatment.


It works on similar principals as Reflexology...

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Massage Prices

Full Body Massage

 * Swedish & Deep Tissue available

45min - £45

60min - £50

75min - £65

90min - £80

Pregnancy Massage

60min - £50 (Full Body)

Thai Foot

60min - £38

Shorter appointments available - Message for quote

* All new massage clients will be subject to a 10min consultation prior to the treatment.

* Mobile treatments are available but will be charged with milage / travel time

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Therapuic Price
REIKI Tori King (Ph _ Fred Portelli)-42.jpg

Reiki Pricing

In Person:

60 min - £50

45min - £40


(Advised for those who have had Reiki treatments before).

60min - £40

45min - £35

*Combindational treatments are available starting from 2x 30mins treatments

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