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Reiki is a holistic therapy which can help clear, balance and harmonise the energy system in and around our bodies. By tapping into our subtle bodies, we’re able work with natural healing energy that flows within ourselves. When this energy flow is low and depleted Reiki is a great source to help refill and rebalance ourselves in a non-evasive way, enabling us to maintain a healthy homeostasis state.

Reiki is beneficial to a wide range of people for many different reasons, some of which are listed below:

  • Creates space within both the body and the mind which can intern

    • Alleviate mental and physical stress

    • Space to understand situations and deep emotional turmoil.

    • Space to deepen your spiritual connection

  • Dissolves energy blockages within the physical body which can help:

    • Create better sleep patterns

    • Find ease in illnesses

    • Move stagnant energy deep in our bodies that can manifest into illnesses

  • Holds space within the body for life changing situations.


Reiki Benifits

What to expect

A Reiki treatment works by allowing the practitioner to enter and work into the energy field of the client. The practitioner will work their way through the client’s energy field by combing, collecting and manoeuvring any negative energy that may be have become stagnate. They then shift this energy to make space for healing and positive energy to fill that area. This positive, light energy is then able to move more freely within our bodies natural energy field, allowing the benefits of the therapy to occur.

First timers, I would advise to have 3 treatments close together within a 3/4-week period of either 1hr or 45min's. This will allow you to feel the benefits of Reiki. Once you start to feel aligned with the energy I would recommend a treatment once a month to keep yourself in balance.

Reiki What to expect
Reiki Costings

Treatment Costing

In person:

60 min - £50

45min - £40


(Advised for those who have had Reiki treatments before).

60min - £40

45min - £35

*Combindational treatments are available starting from 2x 30mins treatments

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