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Prenatal massage is a lovely soothing massage for those who are through the 1st trimester. This therapeutic treatment will help ease the discomfort of water retention, stress points and growing pains which can be created whilst the body is growing your baby.


A general full body treatment will consist of two full sweeps of the body on either side, starting from the feet through to the head and finishing at on the bump. The overall feeling is to create a sense of calm and equilibrium within the body.


Every pregnancy is different so whilst the above description is based on a standard treatment, I can adapt for your needs. With more attention to the lower extremities towards the later end of the pregnancy or maybe you are needing more work into the lumber spine to help with the alignment in the pelvis as everything starts to shift. I can accustom to your bodies needs in that moment.


Preg Treatment


Why after the First Trimester?


In general, there is no direct research that proves massage is not suitable from the moment of conception. However due to the higher risk of miscarriage taking place within the first trimester most health insurance companies within the UK will not insure if the client is within this stage of pregnancy.

If you have regular massages and did not know that you were pregnant then there is little to worry about and hold off until you are through the 16 weeks.

Afterall if we look back to how communities supported pregnant women before hospitals and modern medicine, massage was the way to sooth & help calm their growing and changing peers..



How much of the massage is about the baby?


If I am honest, not much!

This treatment is about you, it’s about giving you an hour or so of your time to zone out and enjoy the benefits of a soothing relaxing treatment. This of course will then give a knock-on effect of treating and calming the baby.

The physical part of the treatment, the abdomen will be massaged however again this is at the preference of yourself. If this is something that you would not like to have done then I we can work into other areas for you.



What sort of pressure will be used?


This is totally up to you.

The reason why there are alarms about doing deep / firm pressure is that there are pressure points that we need to be careful of whilst doing the prenatal massage. Energy flows around the body through Meridian lines (best known in the west as acupuncture lines), if some of these areas are pressed and activated through deep pressure touch, they can induce a ‘grounding’ energy to occur in the body which is a downward force of energy, therefore either creating an early labour or miscarriage. Whilst being aware of these area’s we can work into other spaces of the body at whatever pressure you would like.

At the end of the day, everybody is different and pressure will be received differently through everyone.



Contraindications or unsure if you are able to have a massage… If you are working with something within the body whilst pregnancy such as carpal tunnel syndrome just let me know & we can work around it.

Treatment Prices

I am a fully mobile therapist and will travel to you for the treatment. I will bring with me the treatment bed, towels and oils. All you need is to have space for the table & time to enjoy!

Pregnancy Massage

60min - £50

75min - £65

* All new massage clients will be subject to a 10min consultation prior to the treatment.

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