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Spring Equinox

An immersive evening of Beathwork, Yoga & Sound.

Guided by Tori King: Holistic & Yoga Pracitioner

& Louise Simpson, Reiki & Sound Pracitioner.

Chesterton Village Hall, Bicester

Friday: 15th March

7pm - onwards


Tickets £30

TorKing Yoga

For everyone that knows me, I am passionate about humans & have this huge belief that we are complex balls of energy.

In this modern world we are surrounded by energy that we consume not only physically but visually, mentally & hereditary. 

We owe it to ourselves every now & again to reset the nervous system and our core being to allow us to see & feel clearly. Sound is such a profound way of digging deeper into our being. 


Join Louise & I for a guided evening of sound & yoga, where you will experience the ability to feel the physical & spiritual form deeper. 


Spring equinox is the perfect moment in time to allow you to create clarity and forward motion for the year ahead. 

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Working at home

Healing Therapies

Sound found me at a point in my life when I felt stuck and lost whilst in India and the impact this had on me was transformational.  
Because of this I wanted others to experience the wonders and benefits of sound.

I have been lucky enough to be mentored in sound vibrations by a truly inspirational, humble and graceful practitioner and author Laurelle Rond who has over 3 decades of experience.  
I am also a trained Gong practitioner and for me gongs are the beat of the heart.

Sound frequencies are used in the same way as breath in meditation to influence shifts in brainwaves. Sound works by activating the parasympathetic nervous system .

Sound can help reduce stress, create a deep sense of well-being.  Promote both emotional and physical health. Sound also nourishes and relaxes the individuals.

I feel blessed to facilitate and hold this wonderful modalities with individuals and groups in and around oxfordshire.


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The evening will consist of Breathwork & slow moving yoga (Yin) that will open up specific spaces in the body.

This will be accompanied by the live sound of singing bowls which will enhance the energy spaces in the body that are being opened up. 


Followed by a long deep Savasana enhanced with Gongs. 

The evening will close with a sharing circle, open to those who want to share their experiences with us. 

My aim in 2024, is to bring my learnings of the last 9 years together and create a space whereby I am able to enable people to start to feel into who they truly are. 


I am passionate about the fact that we live in a materialistic age whereby we are on the treadmill to achieve daily & compare ourselves to others on social. 


This breads a hugely unhealthy mental space, by holding evenings like this I hope to allow fellow humans the space to connect with their true being, sense the beautiful unique energy that we all are. Which in turn allow us to make more aligned choices with who we are. 


Spring Equinox is the first of many events in 2024 & may it pave the way to more luna cycle events. 

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