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December 22

Tanya B

" Tori is absolutely incredible at her job! Yoga, massage, soft tissue therapy… she is the queen of it all! Professional, friendly, knowledgeable and full of such positive energy."

October 22

Louis P

" Tori is simply wonderful. I attended the beginners course in Bicester and left feeling enlightened and confident enough to visit other local classes afterwards. I can’t wait for our diaries to realign again in the future so I can attend further classes with Tori! "

January 22

Ryan D

" Considered taking up Yoga for a while now since work has my joints aching quiet a bit these days. Tor has been incredible, seen us beginners in very easy and i have to say I really am feeling the difference. Back doesn't seem to ache as much, as do my other joints, and also nice to actually dedicate time away from the stress of life! 10/10 would recommend, if you are considering yoga just speak to Tor now! "

October 21

Jade W

" As a new starter this year for yoga, I could not recommend Tor enough! I feel so comfortable and energised at every class and have really been able to build up my skills in a safe environment! Very grateful!"

October 21

Karen Park

" I started eight weeks ago with Hatha beginners and have just started Hatha Flow and mindful Flow. My body is already feeling stronger and more flexible and it is great for relaxing my mind and feeling peaceful. Ayesha & Tori my yoga class teachers are both expereienced and cater for all abilities and explain each move fully. I would recommend temple of yoga to anyone looking for a place to practice and learn. "

July 21

Nina B

" Tori is the most AMAZING yoga instructor I have ever had!! I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Tori is skilled, patient, understanding and super attentive. She cares so much about every one of her clients. I never thought I would be comfortable returning to yoga as a beginner after more than 10 years away, and definitely wasn't going to do it in front of anyone, however Tori, not only made me feel so at ease, but has also made me enthusiastic about wanting to do more and more of it as I've found it improves every aspect of my life.

I honestly have Tori to thank for getting this far. She really is incredible and knows just the right amount to push you to help you develop in the best possible way. As I said, I cannot recommend her highly enough. I'm so thankful to have her yoga as part of my life. "

June 21

Zoe M

" I have been practicing yoga with Tori for over a year and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. I live in Melbourne, Australia and have been in lockdown for a ridiculous amount of time, I look forward to our Zoom sessions every week. Tori has taken me from an absolute beginner who could barely touch my toes, to doing poses I didn’t even think would be possible....."

Feb 20

Jennifer S

" After doing yoga with Tori for over a year I have learnt so much about how yoga is as much about the mind as the body. The practices are always varied and Tori creates an atmosphere of calmness, rejuvenation and positive energy throughout the classes. After every single practice I feel that daily stresses have ebbed away and that my body and mind are in a united oasis of calm down to Tori’s dynamic teaching and warm and compassionate nature.”

May 20

Tori A.D

"Tori has a wonderful way of teaching. Her flow was so thoughtful, so methodical, and so effective. I hadn't realised how anxious I had been until I felt it lifted off of me after her class. I'm so grateful."

September 18

Sophie PD

Tori's classes are excellent. Her flows are creative and fun, with really thoughtful and intelligent alignment cues and themes included throughout! I really enjoy her sessions!

Yoga Review


December 22

Kit S

" I have had many many therapists - hundreds of osteopathic treatments, hundreds of massages over the last forty years, and Tori is one of the best. Within a few minutes I had complete confidence that she knows muscles. She used really gentle techniques, with her tiny fingertips, and very specific, isolated stretches, softening the muscles that work together to address the cause of the tightness, not just the symptom that cause me trouble. Absolutely no hesitation in recommending her. "

December 22

Mrs Washbourne

" I have had several massages with Tori now and they have been so beneficial for me, she really listens and assess your needs. Would definitely recommend her services."

June 22

Tony E

" After having several appointments with Tori because of Sciatic pain, I can honestly say it was the best move I made booking in with her. My pain is now at a level of just a bad ache. Tori as a great approach and is the ultimate and courteous professional in that she tells you what she is going to do and what she wants you to do. I would recommend using Tori 100% and I will continue using her services."

Update June 22

"Want to put an update as to where I am now after several more appointments with Tori. I am learning with the help of Tori how all the muscles are connected in my lower back and how we think having sciatica as affected them, with the help of Tori's professional approach she is slowly unknotting all my lower and middle back muscles and I am well on the way to being pain/ache free. Again I can not express how grateful I am to Tori for all her help and can not recommend her enough other than 1000%. I will be using her services even when completely ache free just to make sure it doesn't come back."

June 22

Luke H

" Highly recommend Tori! i have been several times now for various different massages.

Each time has been so thorough she is truly dedicated to the job! "

March 22

Roxi M

" Tor is a ray of light and so caring about her clients. She will ensure she fully understands what the root cause may be and cover all aspects of potential rehab options. It doesn’t say holistic for no reason! She also holds a number of classes in yoga/breath work etc which are worth a go, too. "

October 21

Ross B

"Absolutely outstanding, Tori’s attention to detail is exquisite. 

As a massage therapist myself, I find it hard to get a therapist who understands the body in the same way that I do. 

Due to certain trainings I have been undertaking I have been rather specific about the areas I need working & Tori has this ability to working the exact locations but also sensing if other areas need working to. 

I could not recommend her enough. "

October 21

Sussie T

" Cannot recommend Tori highly enough. She is a wonderful yoga teacher, clear and accommodating. She creates a calm and supportive environment in class. Tori also has a real talent for sports massage. She catered the massage to my needs and preference for pressure. Afterwards my legs felt light with muscle tightness and aching from training completely relieved. Would definitely recommend! "

September 21

Hannah E

"Wonderful massage from Tori during a yoga retreat in Norfolk this weekend. Friendly, approachable and professional! Felt like a new person afterwards and she really listened to some of the issues I have and provided me with some additional stretching exercises to try to help open up my shoulders! Thank you!"

September 21

Daniel F

" Tori is as professional as she is compassionate. Her massage techniques both relax and invigorates me from head to toe. She's also a great conversationalist if you want a good chat. I'm moving from once a month to every two weeks.

Strongly recommend you get her on your schedule. "

June 21

Oliver E

" I had a wonderful deep tissue with Tori. She was so kind and made me feel so comfortable. I would highly recommed her to anyone in the Bicester area. "

June 21

Holly B

" I had an wonderful Deep Tissue Massage with Tori!

She was so kind and made me feel so comfortable.

I would highly recommend her and will definitely get another one."

Feb 21

Edward H

“Deep Tissue Massage” in the comfort of my own home. Really great service, will be booking my next one soon."

Massage Review


June 21

Kathy S

"I had the best nights sleep I have had in weeks, which was so so needed. I'm looking forward to may next session."

May 21

Tazmin J

"I've been having bi-weekly sessions with Tori for the past few months and I feel so much more aware and open. My body feels calmer and my mind cleaner in some way. There is a sense of stillness in me which is so welcomed after months of turmoil due to the pandemic. I never thought a holistic treatment like Reiki could benefit me so much."

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