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(more commonly known as Sports Massage).

Frequently asked questions…

What is Soft Tissue Therapy…??

How can it help you…??

What to expect from an appointment…?

What to wear to the appointment…?

Why I believe Soft Tissue Therapy can help you…

Where to find us...

Arriving for your appointment.

What is Soft Tissue Therapy…??

Simply put, it’s the. manipulation of the muscles and connective tissues, that hold our skeletal system in place via a combination of different massage techniques.


When we have tension in our bodies it’s usually /commonly because the muscles have become tight. This tension creates a pull on to the skeletal system which quite literally can be creating misalignment in the body. This misalignment can create either acute pain or chronic pain.

How can it help you…??

If you have acute pain from a recently injury, soft / light massage may help alleviate the initial symptoms such as swelling and bruising, but before booking in, please do contact us and discuss the recent injury so that if urgent medical care is needed, it can be advised rather than waiting for an appointment.


Chronic pain or discomfort can be debilitating with the symptoms sometimes being so gradual that you’re unsure of what / where it began.


Equally simple day to day tasks done at the wrong angle, at the wrong time can cause a discomfort in the body. As well as an over enthusiastic gym session, or if you’re aiming for a PB in training, this can create DOMS… There are so many different reasons for why Tension is created, my belief is that 90% of time, soft tissue therapy will be able to help.


Tension in the body can be created through physical, mental or emotional pressures which manifest into the physical body. Therefore, the injury or affected area may not have had any direct trauma but has manifested tension in a physical way. Soft Tissue Therapy will help manage these outside pressures and create a release into the body.


Throughout my studies of yoga, energy and the physical body I firmly believe that soft tissue therapy will work on all levels. It comes down to finding the right therapist for you who will not only understand your needs but also have a keen interest in helping elevate your pain.

What to expect from an appointment…?

You first treatment will consist of a New Client form being filled out, followed by an in-depth assessment of the affected area, depending on the severity of the injury / area in question I will aim to give at minimum of 30min treatment during this first session with a final / mini assessment at the end to gauge how beneficial the treatment has been on the affected area. It will also allow me to understand how future sessions should progress as well as providing exercises so that will create longevity with pain relief.


Follow up treatments, depending on the injury area or your needs will consist how in-depth the follow up assessments will be.  Being aware that our bodies change from day to day depending on our activities and diet, an assessment will need to be done pre & post treatment as the muscles needing to be worked on may change. If you are looking to have an appointment without an assessment, I would suggest booking yourself in for a therapeutic treatment which would consist of either Swedish (light / general) massage or Deep Tissue. These can be booked in timed increments of 30min / 60min / 75min / 90mins, if a full body is not required but area specific, please advise when booking.

What to wear to the appointment…?

Soft Tissue Therapy will consist of assessments and reassessments so please be aware that the therapist will need to see how your body moves with the injury or the affected area this may require you to be undressed to your underwear.


Gentleman, please ensure to wear either tightfitting underwear or bring a pair of gym shorts which are easily movable if hips / thighs are required to be worked on. This enables for a proper assessment to be done without any worry of embarrassing moments being had.


Ladies, again you will be required to undress to your underwear, how much will depend on the area in question. If the back or shoulders are needed you can keep your bra on whilst being assessed but when being worked on I will require it to be taken off, so a bra with a back clip for easy removal when prone on the treatment couch would be perfect. You will always keep your knickers on.


As mentioned, these guidelines of clothing are to help keep your modesty but also enable a good assessment without any embarrassing moments being had. At the end of the day, I am here to help you with the misalignment in the body so don’t be embarrassed or worried about your physical self. If you are, or you feel uncomfortable at any point please do let me know and we can work around it.

Why I believe Soft Tissue Therapy can help you…

Our bodies are in constant change, every day / hour / minuet, with each breath that we take our bodies change and evolve. The billions of cells which we are made up of are in a constant life cycle of their own and therefore our bodies can create and manifest tension in certain spaces without us being aware of it.


This tension can be made through physical, emotional or mental stress which we hold differently into our bodies. Although there is no solid scientific proof that massage and soft tissue therapy works in the small time that I have been working with clients. Looking at it from a wider point of view, indigenous tribes going back many generations used massage as a form of pain release and even modern day elite athletes use soft tissue therapy during training as well as pre/post events to ensure they are able to compete to their absolute best.


If you have misalignment in the body and feel that soft tissue therapy / massage maybe able to help I would love to hear from you. You can contact me through this website / email or phone to find out availability of appointments.


I look forward to hearing from you!

Where to find us..?

Magpie Lane, Brackley, NN13 7ER.


You can find us on a small lane just of Bridge Street near the centre of Brackley. If you are traveling down the hill from the High Street, there is a small turning just past the Green Room on the right side. It’s small so you may miss it! There is however a very small sign post advising magpie lane halfway up the house on the turning.


If you are travelling up the hill after the Mercedes roundabout and Fire Station the turning is on the left. It’s a small lane (well hidden) after Goose Green on the left and before the road turning off to the football club and large sign for The Unicorn Hotel.  When traveling up the road this way there is no sign post on the wall or entrance so can be tricky to find.


Any issues give me a call & I can help direct you!


When on the lane, it’s the house with a shipping container next to the drive(!) Please do feel free to park on the drive to ensure the lane doesn’t get blocked & your car doesn’t get knocked during the appointment.

When arriving for the appointment…

Please be aware that this is a home practice, therefore if arriving early I maybe in treatment with someone else so please hold tight until your allotted time. This allows me to type up clinic notes and turn the room around prior to your appointment.


The Treatment Hut is separate to the house and therefore enables me to keep the privacy of my home separate to work. This does therefore mean that there is no access to toilets, (unless you are desperate!), so be aware of this prior to arriving.

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