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Mondays – TorKing Yoga, Banbury

Tuesdays - BSC Fitness, Bicester

Thursdays - TorKing Yoga, Banbury 

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"Let the goal be to reach perfection, but be content with a little progress towards perfection every day."


This is my mantra and I can’t stress it enough.  It’s about your practice and what your body can do in that moment, that is the beauty of the yoga asana practice. It is the journey to understand yourself better and not if you’ve achieved that Instagram ready pose.


I am dedicated to helping people get to know themselves better on this journey through the power of Yoga.  We all lead such hectic lives and rarely take time for ourselves and I truly believe that yoga can help, it gives you the head space you didn’t realise you were missing and somehow everything becomes clearer.


Everyone is creating their own chapters in this book of life, we know our bodies and our limits but it’s understanding them, embracing and honouring them is the space of yoga. On this path you will learn more about yourself, connecting to your mind, body and energy, life will become easier, lighter and brighter.

Yog Class Info

TorKing Yoga


7 - 8pm


London Yard - Banbury

BSC Fitness


8.10 - 9pm


BSC Fitness


Torking Yoga

7.30 - 8.30pm


Lonodn Yard, Banbury

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